About us

Lahori Sweets is the new name for premium quality traditional mithai prepared with the purest dairy ingredients straight from the brand's own dairy farms. In a very short span of time ranging within the last twelve years, Lahori Sweets has developed a repute in the market that of the only chain which has stuck to the very traditional Mithai making. Its product shelf consists of more that a hundred Mithai items and Halwajat specialities from all areas of Pakistan. Lahori Sweets itself is a brand name of Butterfly Traders.

Lahori Sweets took a start from its Allama Iqbal International Airport from it's based outlet Green Complex Market, Ferozepur Road Lahore and second branch start from Allama Iqbal International Airport where the flight passengers would stop by to buy the rich traditional desi ghee prepared mithai for their loved ones back home and everywhere else.

It was only after years of relation building with the clients that the CEO at Lahori Sweets, Mr Shehzad Ahmed, decided that it was only best to take a step forward and introduce into the mainstream market the rich mithai to the locals of Lahore city, the city which for centuries has earned a name in traditional mithai making.

Lahori Sweets is distinguished from its market competitors by it most diverse product line. Lahori Sweets provides the sweet specialities from all areas of Pakistan under one roof. This was the unique idea that had never been employed before and hence this is exactly what marks it among the top rated brands in the food and beverage industry.

The key ingredients such as Desi Ghee, Khoya, Milk, Butter, Starch are produced at the dairy farms owned by Lahori Sweets and hence the quality stays uncompromising. The ingredients are brought to the Bhatta Chowk Airport Road branch where the fresh and pure mithai and halwajat are produced by the best halwais available in the market. The hygienic conditions and quality standards are constantly maintained by surveillance cameras and quality teams. State of the art machinery is being used for the production and products being timely delivered to the respective branches as per the requirements.

Since the mid of year 2012 Lahori Sweets has opened up 3 new branches around Defence Society (DHA) Lahore. The key personnel at Lahori Sweets are: CEO - Mr. Shahzad