Lahori Sweets is a brand name of Butterfly Traders which has built an upright reputation in the market over the last five years.

We have a motive of bringing the best variety of 'Mithai and Halwajaat', from all areas of Pakistan available under one roof. We have received immense acclamation from our consumers all over the world and that's why we thought of taking our brand to the main market of locals of Lahore. In our experience we have observed that Lahoris are quality food lovers and when it comes to sweets no one can beat them neither at making the best mithai/halwajat nor at consuming them. Lahoris tend to be very social and festivity lovers. They celebrate their little events with great celebrations and hence this gave us the idea of being a part in their celebrations by bringing to them the best quality mithai at very affordable prices.

We believe that if quality and standards are not compromised we can stand out from our competitors. So this primarily has been our focus lately, to prepare for the ever increasing demand of our mithai and to meet the consumer need and to understand the market dynamics. We take special interest in state of the art manufacturing techniques and quality standards. We assure our consumers that any and every product being produced is made from the best and purest ingredients and hence ensure that Lahori Sweets is a hygiene conscious brand.

Presently our shelf comprises of over 112 unique items of traditional and local mithais and halwajaat making us the biggest mithai makers in the market. In future I personally would like to see our market share increasing but not at the cost of quality or standards of course. We want happy and long term relation building with our consumers. We would love to take care of them and in return we expect a strong binding with them, the binding of trust and reliability. To me personally, its more than just business. I enjoy every bit of it. I love customer feedback as this is the only true measure of our performance.

Thank you.

Shahzad Ahmed

CEO - Butterfly Traders